Fix Grammarly correction UI bug

When I am correcting something with the Grammarly plugin running (Safari and Opera), the change is only visible as long as the paragraph is active. Upon moving away from the paragraph, the changes appear to be reverted. If the paragraph is not copied while being active, this results in copying the error. Please fix this if possible!

Grammarly developers are probably in a better position to fix this bug. We use simple contenteditable elements that are pretty standard.

If the change gets reverted, it seems that the plugin is not triggering a change event and thus Dynalist is not notified of this change, unlike when you manually type in something.

Grammarly users used to complain about a different bug but not this one – did this bug appear just recently?

Thanks for reaching out, Erica! This is nothing new, Grammarly always had this problem with Dynalist. They somehow are not prepared for the paragraph switch in some way.
I contacted Grammarly and will report back! Cheers!

FYI - not very helpful, indeed. My personal workaround is to check the Grammarly suggestion and then edit the text manually in Dynalist.

Dear Mat,
We are delighted to know that you have found Grammarly useful! We truly appreciate your time and note.
Our technical team is already aware of the problem you reported, but unfortunately, we don’t currently have a quick fix. I can’t provide you with an estimated timeframe right now because the developers need some time to analyze the cause of the issue, but please rest assured that we won’t forget about it.
In the meantime, you can disable the Grammarly extension for the website in question.

Additionally, we suggest you check your writing in our online Grammarly Editor at and in the native (desktop) app.
I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Awww, that’s unfortunate. Lost of Grammarly users must get affected by this – I hope they fix it soon! :slight_smile: