Firefox on Ubuntu goes crazy with Ctrl button


Steps to reproduce

  • Use Dynalist in Firefox on Ubuntu
  • Make sure cursor is visible in an item
  • Press Ctr once
  • Without moving the cursor, use the mouse to navigate

Expected result

Usual behavior.

Actual result

The Dynalist tab goes into a crazy mode. If you click (mouse) on an item it is marked as if Ctrl was pressed the whole time. Also, if you click on the bullet, it zooms into this bullet instead of expanding/collapsing it.


This state can be reset to normal by

  • clicking on a different window and back
  • going to another tab and back
  • using the arrow keys on keyboard to move cursor
  • pressing Shift button


Ubuntu 16.04 , Firefox 57.0.4

Additional information

This only happens with Firefox on Ubuntu. Chrome is fine, as is Firefox on Windows, Mac and OpenSuse.

This may very well not be a Dynalist bug, but an unfortunate combination of Ubuntu and Firefox.

Maybe someone else can reproduce this bug with Ubuntu and Firefox.

This is particularly annoying because I like to use shortcuts like Ctrl+S, which also activates this crazy “mode”.


After some “investigations” and experiments, I found a “solution”.

Turns out, this crazy behavior is only present with ubuntu (unity) and ubuntu(gnome).

Other desktop environments like KDE and Xfce are fine. So the bug is actually in gnome/unity, not in Dynalist.

So my “solution” was to install Xfce desktop environment on ubuntu and use it.

If someone else with Ubuntu (unity/gnome) stumbles upon this bug and finds a real solution, please comment.

Until then, my “solution” is not to use ubuntu gnome or unity. :sweat_smile: