Firefox Clipper can't get past must log into Dynalist

Trying the Firefox clipper. Whenever I click on it, it gives me a popup that I must log into dynalist. When I click the provided button, it opens a new tab with dynalist. However, clicking on the link, just gives me the same message, that I must log in.

Are you using the private mode?

No, but you pointed me in the right direction. On Firefox, under Privacy & Security, Cookies and Site Data, Exceptions, I added to always allow, and it fixed the problem.

You may want to include that in your instructions.

Thank you.

I see, sorry for late reply, glad to hear that fixes it.

I wonder if you have some other setting somewhere else that’s not default? Most likely some privacy related setting. I believe it works on vanilla Firefox with default settings. Or are you using a special version of Firefox?

This information will be helpful to writing the proper instructions :slight_smile:

Ran into the same issue using Firefox Containers. The solution was to:

  1. Remove Dynalist site ( from the firefox container it’s in.
  2. Re-clip some text and sign into Dynalist.
  3. Add site back to desired container.