Find&Replace or RegEx?

I use Dynalist and Microsoft OneNote, however it’s super annoying pasting between the two, it comes out like:

StartFragment rooftop garden


I would love any automated way to clean this up. I just need the strings “StartFragment” “EndFragment” and blank items all deleted. If dynalist’s native paste parser deleted those two strings even better. But has anyone done this? Best I can do is export the whole document to notepad and paste it back after. I tried a javascript word replace but it doesn’t stick, probably because dynalist is only saving things as you type it.

Edit: ok just noticed its already requested image

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I have never encountered this issue before. Which OneNote were you using? The modern windows store one or the Office 2016 one?

If it’s the latter, try dragging instead of copy pasting. (From a browser instance if needed)
You’ll have to do hyperlinks seperately but it works.

A longer way would be Dynalist > Sigil ebook > OneNote.
Sigil uses XHTML, it’ll copy the content exactly with start-end fragments. It supports regex so you can edit those out. Drag or copy out of Sigil preview pane to OneNote. The content I have copied so far has remained it’s integrity. Line breaks, hyperlinks and all.

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The one from the Mac App Store

It might copy in this format - Microsoft HTML Clipboard and then dynalist isn’t parsing out the Fragment tags, or something’s going on.

Oh well, it’s not a huge deal. I’ve been migrating away from OneNote anyway. It’s too unstructured and I can’t handle the mess that eventually grows in it. Also I prefer browser-based things since I use a lot of different computers, and OneNote is laggy in browser.

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Do me a favor – paste from your OneNote to here, and save the result page as a PDF and upload here. That way we can see what gets pasted and what we can do about it.

Of course, that’s if there’s nothing confidential about the pasted content.


Clipboard Test.pdf

any news? still a bug. cant really use dynalist with onenote because of it, without a lot of manual deleting

Bummer you’ve been left out to dry like this :sweat_smile: