File or folder drag and drop

Currently you can only drag and drop a file, and when you do it, the file is uploaded to a server.

We have local file link feature in Desktop version right now, but the entire file path should be typed in manually and it does not work with non-ASCII file path at the moment. (bug reported and tracked)

Instead, I would rather have an option to link it locally (can only be accessed locally in desktop version) or upload to the server (can be accessed via web) when you drag and drop file/folder.

This way, you can open a file/folder just by clicking the link in the list.

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Thanks for the suggestion!

The ASCII file path issue will be fixed with the next release. As for “manually typing the file path”, you could try opening the “Property” dialog and copy the location. Append the file name part to the location and you get a full path.

Of course that’s just the workaround for now. I agree that drag and drop would be a lot faster for local file links.

Currently the drag and drop pops up an upload window and shows a link that you must copy and paste. This process can be simplified – you just insert the markdown at the cursor position in Dynalist. Evernote does it. You can do it too ~~

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