Feature: Spotlight - Show only one item and allow to navigate by Keyboard

Hi Team,

In Menu, we can support a option called ‘Spotlight or Showcase’.

On clicking that option, Open a popup and show only that item. Allow to use Left - Right arrows to navigate to next items in the document.

Problem Statement:
I am seeing this as an simple way to present my ideas one-by-one to everyone. Instead of converting points in Dynalist to Presentation and present to everyone.

I am using Expand / Collapse on section wise to present my ideas now. Highlighting only one item in the list is very useful. Please refer the attachment.


(Dynalist is one of the main app for me. I have recommend to lots of people. Thanks for doing it.)

Not the same, but may be useful…
Zoom in previous item Ctrl+Shift+{
Zoom in next item Ctrl+Shift+]