[Feature request] Switch dark mode based on OS setting

I have dark mode scheduled on my Mac, which makes it toggle twice a day (once to light, once to dark). Several apps can adapt to this, but not Dynalist (yet). It would be great to have it, and I believe it’s a simple addition since there’s a depedency that can be readily used for the implementation: https://github.com/LinusU/node-dark-mode-listener

Ideally one could choose what theme to use in dark mode, and what theme to use in light mode.

As always, thanks for a wonderful product that has been keeping me productive for years.

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Received! I’ve added it to our list and we’ll get to it as soon as we can, thank you for the request!

Hey @Erica,

I commented this elsewhere, but this seems a more appropriate place :slight_smile:

I might be an edge case, but I’m normally swapping between Dark and Sepia themes during the night/day; so this use case an ideal feature would be:

  1. Scheduled, with {night: theme 1} and {day: theme 2}
  2. Dynamic, with {os_dark: theme1} and {os_light: theme 2}

With users able to customise which theme is activated rather than locking them to default/dark.


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