[Feature request] Switch dark mode based on OS setting

I have dark mode scheduled on my Mac, which makes it toggle twice a day (once to light, once to dark). Several apps can adapt to this, but not Dynalist (yet). It would be great to have it, and I believe it’s a simple addition since there’s a depedency that can be readily used for the implementation: https://github.com/LinusU/node-dark-mode-listener

Ideally one could choose what theme to use in dark mode, and what theme to use in light mode.

As always, thanks for a wonderful product that has been keeping me productive for years.

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Received! I’ve added it to our list and we’ll get to it as soon as we can, thank you for the request!

Hey @Erica,

I commented this elsewhere, but this seems a more appropriate place :slight_smile:

I might be an edge case, but I’m normally swapping between Dark and Sepia themes during the night/day; so this use case an ideal feature would be:

  1. Scheduled, with {night: theme 1} and {day: theme 2}
  2. Dynamic, with {os_dark: theme1} and {os_light: theme 2}

With users able to customise which theme is activated rather than locking them to default/dark.



@Erica, thank you so much for implementing this feature. It’s working fine for me on Firefox, but unfortunately not on desktop. Regardless of dark or light mode, the Dynalist app always uses the “Light” theme. I’ve tried setting dark mode manually and using the auto mode, too.

I’m on macOS Catalina 10.15.3. I’ll gladly provide any information you need for debugging.

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