Feature request - option to hide an item and appear based on date defined

I want to request for the ability to choose to hide/unhide an item, not just when it’s checked off and controlled by the view option to hide or unhide the checked ones.

For example, sometimes I noted something down, but the action is not to be taken till like a few months later. On this occasion I mark a date on it, but wish I could hide it first. And when the time comes, it shows automatically. It will help make the view less distracted when future tasks are hidden first.



hello Kevin,
I think the filter answers your request. you can filter by date, and you can bookmark your filter to get direct access to the “view” you created.

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I’d like to echo Kevin, searching does not provide the same usability as working directly on a document. For example, I use a document as a to do list and have reocurring tasks every Friday. In a perfect world I would only see that task on the Friday… Specially now that I can select a reocurring task… this would be a very very useful feature.

Not a direct solution but here’s how I do this:

What I have is a top level bullet point for ‘reminders’ and under that I have some sub-categories (like temporary, admin, social, health etc) and within those I have bullet points with dates on them. Some using the new recurring date. Then I have that collapsed almost all the time.

When I want to see what is due I have a top level filter (as a link in my main GTD document notes)

That filters for everything in the last 1000 months that isn’t also tagged with #historic so I can still keep records of things in there.

I just want to bump this request. I think this would be great - many times I have tasks that are conditional on a start date before I can work on these. This would be a great feature and completely agree with @Kevin1 that this would make for a less distracted experience.