Feature Request: Hotkeys to move between documents

Maybe there’s already some technique? I just want to avoid opening the sidebar for anything.

Cmd+Left and Cmd+Right to move up and down the list of documents would be nice, for example.


Yeah, that would be useful. The similar one I REALLY miss from Workflowy though is Alt+Shift+9/0 to move between siblings at the top level item :crossed_fingers:

the ctrl + o hotkey works pretty good for me. i usually only have to type the first 2 letters of a document, sometimes maybe 3

but maybe if you have a lot of documents you might have to do a bit more typing to narrow down the list. although, if you have a lot of documents you will probably have to use those cmd+left or right hotkeys a lot to get to the document you want

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The ctrl + o hotkey works pretty well, I should try to get used to using it. I didn’t think of that.