Feature request: custom keymapping presets

custom keymapping
most DAWs and video editors has this
with custom keymapping it takes zero time to adapt to the new environment, so the differences in the UI will be only feature-related, but that’s what for we switched in the first place, didn’t we?

thank you

Do you mean customizing shortcuts? If you do, Dynalist already has it.

Check out Settings - Keymap.

well, I know, and I tried, but it’s broken. I couldn’t set up CMD+> for Zoom In. like I’m used to after years in workflowy.

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and I meant 1-click setting. 1-click - and good old shortcut’s are all set up. but now it’s impossible even oelne by one (prev comment)

If it’s broken, please post a bug report with detailed steps would help us fix it. And also many people are using it without any issues, myself included, so it could be something wrong on your end (how you set it up).

And no offense, posting a feature request for an existing feature without mentioning you’ve tried it is not exactly helpful.

WorkFlowy features do not match to Dynalist one-to-one, and I’m not even sure what do you mean by “preset”. Do you mean a text file that stores your configurations? Or just “magically” import all your settings from WorkFlowy? I’m sorry but they have to expose it somehow for us to access it.

I don’t know how many shortcuts you’d like to set up, but with the amount of frequently used shortcuts WorkFlowy has, it won’t take more than a few minutes. That doesn’t warrant spending our development time on it, in my opinion.

here’s workflowy keyboard shortcuts to date:

Keyboard Shortcuts
Zoom in ⌘ + >
Zoom out ⌘ + <
Expand / collapse ⌘ + Down/Up
Indent Tab
Outdent Shift + Tab
(or press Enter on an empty line)
Move ⌘ + Shift + Up/Down
Add a note Shift + Enter
Complete ⌘ + Enter
Delete ⌘ + Shift + Delete
Search Escape
Show/hide completed ⌘ + O
Star page ⌘ + Shift + ∗
Switch between pages ⌘ + ;
(hold ⌘ while switching)
Bold / italic / underline ⌘ + B/I/U
Keyboard shortcuts ⌘ + ?

I just thought it would be awesome to have a preset with these, without manually figuring out conflicting shortcuts.

The problem is that we have to check everyday if WorkFlowy’s shortcuts have changed, and if we provide the preset of WorkFlowy, we may be asked to provide presets for Checkvist, Moo.do, etc. as well…

If these other applications provide a way to programmatically pull the shortcuts, we can consider it. Right now it sounds like it adds too much maintenance work for us without adding too much benefit. Out of the 15 shortcuts you posted, there are only 5 conflicts, the starred page ones are not applicable. It would take a few minutes max to scan the list and make your adjustments.

We’re just a team of 2 doing everything from support to server infrastructure, so sorry I don’t think we’re spending time on this. Thanks for the suggestion, appreciate it.


posted a bug report on errors with CMD+…

  • there might be community-edited section with other shortcuts though. Preset + date when this preset was updated last time. For those who may concern. It might be about 100% users who are switching from other apps, because kids usually start with the default ones.

Yeah, that sounds like a plugin users can write and maintain, which makes it easier for us.

The roadblock to that is to create the plugin platform now :slight_smile: