(Feature Request) Command Palette

Users of editors like VS Code and Sublime Text will already know what a command palette is. It’s a menu where any available command can be executed by typing the name of the command. It’s also a great way to explore available commands and learn what their keyboard shortcuts are. It’s a great way to ease the learning curve for any user.


I would like to add that Superhuman does this too with email - it’s amazing how powerful “CMD+K” plus typing what you think the command might be called is in aiding discoverability of features.

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A command palette shortcut would be great.
ctrl-p … sort (the selected items)
ctrl-p … create new document
ctrl-p …turn into checkbox (the selected items)
ctrl-p … turn children into numbered list


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This would be awesome! I use the command palette style navigation/actions all the time (Alfred2, Sublime, Atom, Jetbrain editors) so I don’t have to remember keyboard shortcuts for the less frequently used navigations/actions.

Here’s an example of Sublime: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VYNkebGdl9Q

really really need command pallet feature!

I would love this. Good idea.