Feature Request: Autocomplete From Other Lists in Zoomed In List

Hey I use dynalist to answer a list of questions and sometimes I answer “same answer I wrote before”.

I could keep using my advanced clipboard to not get annoyed but it would be interesting to see a feature where:

As I am typing something it would suggest text from other lists within the the zoomed in List I am typing from.

So If I have a document like:

Zoomed In List:

Item 1
Item 1 of Item 1
Item 2 of Item 1
Item 3 of Item 1

Item 2
Item 1 of Item 2
Item 2 of Item 2
Same answer as before

Item 3
Item 1 of …

As I type into Item 3 “Item 1 of…” then it would suggest the 2 options of “Item 1 of Item 1” or “Item 1 of Item 2”. Or if typing “Same answer” it would suggest “Same answer as before”

Not exactly what you want but do try [[

If you type [[ then start typing it lets you click old items and then they will always show what the other item has