Feature Request: Allow Limiting Number of Lists to Documents

When I first started using dynalist I just did everything in 1 document and learned the hard way to split everything into documents and then link them into other documents so that it runs as fast as possible.

I’m not sure how many people have this problem, but I sometimes add to a document more than I initially wanted to when I first created the document.

Could there be a feature to lock how many lists are at the top of the document.

If not would be very interested to know how others handle this situation or is just me?

I usually know just write a note to remind me to limit and keep the document clean.

I could also create a template document where it reminds me to keep it short.

But a native feature would be nice that alerts me or just says something similar “List limit set to: 5” somewhere in the document.

I would not suggest this feature on every list because of performance but I have no idea how dynalist works under the hood so if easy to do for every list then why not go for it…

You can tell a document is too large for your computer once things begin to slow down a bit. I feel like that is sufficient to alert the user. The size limit depends entirely on the CPU, RAM, and Browser. Updating to a powerful computer fixes any issues. Once CPU or RAM reaches 100% the document slows.

Note: I am not asking for the feature because of speed, I do not mind splitting my documents up into other documents and linking them.

It is the idea of keeping documents small by putting a limit and then increasing the limit only if absolutely necessary.