Faster mobile app

I’m finding that loading the mobile app is so slow to load as to make it almost unusuable. Also, it sometimes seems to open on to a blank page with “no document open” written on the page. Is that a bug?

I’ve also noticed a bug where I can’t seem to zoom in on any of my nodes. Clicking the bullet to zoom in changes the look of that bullet, indicating the app knows I have pressed it, but does not zoom me in. I am using iOS latest version and have the setting for “use bullet point to zoom in” enabled.

That will be fixed in the next release.

Regarding your original request, I’m afraid it’s not an actionable feature request. We’ve made a number of attempts to make the mobile app faster, the most recent one being this. The speed depends on too much factors, including the specs of your phone and how many apps are you always running, many of them are out of our control. People also have different number of items, and they have different definitions for “slowness”.

In other words, we’ll never know if we achieved “faster mobile app”, unlike concrete features like “split view”, does that make sense? Thus I’m afraid we’ll have to close this.

Of course you can always complain to us that you find the mobile app slow, and we’ll take note and optimize when necessary. Just saying it’s not an actionable and measurable feature request, unless you can make it into something more concrete (e.g. lazy load documents not visible).

I hope that’s understandable!

Hey Erica, OK I understand. How about this as a feature request: offline caching and background sync for mobile app? So basically all the data in your document can be downloaded to your mobile for quick access. The app can background sync the data when you are not using the app, which means when you do open the app it’s already up to date. Has this been suggested before?

All data are already cached locally, it just takes quite some time to load them into memory, set up Dynalist properly, and display them. We’ve optimized the “displaying” part, so the items not in view are not shown initially until you scroll to them.

You can post feature request for background sync if you want, since we don’t have that yet.

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phone spec definitely makes a difference yea.   i was having the same problem recently until i upgraded my phone (z3 compact to xz1 compact) and i was surprised how much better dynalist runs on it. theres pretty much no lag now at all.

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Closing this, sorry @Daryl_Mander, I hope that’s understandable.

I see you already posted a feature request about this, thanks a lot!