Fast sync between mobile and desktop

If you are switching between mobile and desktop frequently, you need to wait sometimes ~10 seconds for the device you are using to pick up the changes. This becomes frustrating in a world where all our other apps sync almost instantaneously.

The feature requested would be for dynalist to sync in the background, or at least sync immediately on opening.

I know it’s not a solution for automatic syncing, but you can do Ctrl+S on desktop to force it to sync down, and do “Refresh” from the top right menu in the mobile app.

I’ve noticed on desktop that if my session is particularly stale then Ctrl+S sometimes isn’t enough and I have to do a full page refresh, but if you’re trying to quickly switch between mobile and desktop I’m assuming it won’t be stale so that shouldn’t be an issue.

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There is a refresh item in the menu on mobile, as well, but I agree that sync should be much faster than it is now. Most other apps I use have almost no noticeable lag these days. On the other hand, I’m just happy that sync has mostly been working error free these days. Considering how it was just a year ago, this is a big improvement!

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