Extremely difficult to set cursor to beginning of line

On iphone.

Steps to reproduce

  1. I tap near start of line, it picks up a bullet and zooms in. Zoom out again.
  2. I tap a little further right, it sets a cursor a couple letters into the first word.
  3. Using the iphone keyboard I hold a finger to enter cursor-move mode. I drag the cursor left. It disappears. I can drag right to bring it back, but to set cursor to the beginning of the line I need to be extremely precise with my finger.

Expected result

The drag cursor feature should lock at the beginning of the line, just like it does the start of any Safari edit box.

Any other means if making edit go to the beginning of the line easier would also be appreciated.

It’s virtually impossible for me to reach the front with a single tap as if I don’t tap the exact pixel it will zoom, or else miss the front leading to the scroll bug problem.


Iphone 8+ app. Could not imagine trying this on a non-plus phone.