External resources for lots of things


I’m always searching for new sources of information.

I came across a gold mine of information today and decided to post it here in case anyone wants to know

This forum runs on discourse platform

I did a search today on a listing of all active / current discourse forums

I found a huge number of software / dev communities out there such as the envato forums, linux forums, sitepoint forums, udacity, drone testing, twitter development, jekyll development, flight simulators, directory opus , etc among other things for learning what’s new out there so I can stay up to date on new technology trends / updates / q&a for questions I have in all my other fields of interest. I thought only reddit / stackoverflow existed for a lot of these things

Also, I use inoreader as well and used the mobile app today, which works better than I thought it would compared to feedly

Felt like dumping it somewhere so I put it here


Good to know, thanks!


Reminds me of a search I often do if I want real human information/opinions vs sites that generate reviews.

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