Exporting specific lists from mobile app (iOS)

First off: LOVE THIS PRODUCT. My roommate has been telling me to try it for years and I finally made the jump from Workflowy and am hooked.

I am having trouble exporting individual lists in the mobile app. I can export whole documents, but it’s incredibly inefficient when I just want a few bullets inside a doc to copy into an email, etc.

To give a specific example, let’s say I had a file called “Projects” with a list of projects, “Project 1,” “Project 2,” “Project 3…” etc. Under “Project 1,” I have a list called “Email 1” with paragraphs underneath that I want to export (copy/paste plain text) into my mail app.

I’m not near my laptop to confirm this, but I’m fairly certain there’s a way to do this from the desktop software. Scoured the help docs & forum for info, but came up empty. Any guidance would be much appreciated!

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Select items. Hover pointer to the left of the bullet and choose the export menu option.

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I’m not seeing a way to get that option on the mobile app, which is a critical part of my workflow.

Do you know of a way of accessing that feature on iOS or via the mobile browser on a smartphone?

Apologies, overlooked you were talking about mobile app :blush:

No worries!! Thanks for jumping in so quickly.

Hope there’s a way to make this work. I feel like I could do this in WorkFlowy - only major feature I’ve felt missing thus far.

It can be pretty difficult to figure out what each icons do, but the mobile app does have a function for exporting links of individual lists.

It’s the far right icon on this scroll-able menu:

Although the copy-to-clipboard export functions for mobile are under maintenance right now.

I recommend you try out all of these icons to get accustomed to them for the future.

Long tap on text in iphone brings up a menu with select and paste. If you choose Select, you get the menu of Cut/Copy/Paste.

It would be neat if Long Tap on a bullet would do the same.

Hey Thao,

I actually had tried all the buttons and love the link sharing feature.

Are you saying there is not currently a way to export plain text of any given subset of a document on mobile yet?


Yeah, that’s the dream! My issue is that I write messages with paragraphs per bullet and want an easy way to move the whole list from Dynalist to an email or text thread.

Yeah, exporting on mobile does allow for copying-to-clipboard the entirety of the document. Just single tap the highlighted text rather than tap-and-hold.

But can’t copy-to-clipboard for single items or sections of a document on mobile yet.
Like how you can on the desktop/browser app.

The only option on mobile I am aware of: use iCab as a browser, identify as desktop (until Catalina is released) and load your Dynalist there.

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Any progress here? I really miss this feature in the mobile app. Using Android


I’ve also been looking for this feature on Android for a while. Having the lists I create using desktop available on my mobile is critical, and from there I often want to share them via SMS or social apps.

Having to visit the desktop to grab a plaintext export is inconvenient, and pasting a link to the list isn’t practical when you’re just trying to share information in context.

There is an Export Item button on my DynaList toolbar, brings up the window shown above, and I can copy to clipboard from there, and paste this into another app.

I used this today on my iPad.

I wasn’t able to find the Export Item on my toolbar in Android, BUT just today I discovered the ability to export a document!

On Android, you can open the documents list, tap the dropdown and there will be an Export... button.

I’m still unable to export an individual list from within a document, but this is still super helpful