Export with more capabilities

It would be great if the current export feature would be extended with “outline export features” similar as MindMup has on Google Drive (MindMup is a cool mind map tool which integrates in Google Drive).
In particular, it would be cool to have an outline type selection for the HTML export so that the heading levels could be selected. Example options (from MindMup):

  • Bullet points (today’s export behavior)
  • 1 heading + bullet points
  • 2 heading levels + bullet points
  • etc

Having such a feature would allow one to create nice looking HTML reports by creating a CSS file for the different headings.

Not sure I follow – haven’t used MindMup in-depth.

So export with different level caps? Did I understand that correctly? Maybe a screenshot would help.

Here an Example


Export Screen

HTML Result (in Browser)

Very interesting.

Could you take a screenshot of the “Outline type” after opening the dropdown so I can see all the options they offer?

Comm’on, Erica. MindMap is a free tool within Google Drive and easy to try out. Would appreciate if you look at it yourself :smile: