Export visible items is empty

Steps to reproduce

Create a checklist, check half of the items off.

Expected result

When going to the export dialog, either all items are visible or only the ones not hidden (if ‘export visible items only’ is checked)

Actual result

When I check ‘export visible items only’ the export window is empty.


App on macos AND latest Chrome on macos w/ apple silicon

I can’t repro this. Any chance you checked a parent or ancestor of the node, so that everything is technically completed?

No the parents are not checked. I tried reproducing in a separate document but wasn’t able to. I will keep you updated.

I can get it to happen what do you need ?

Post the steps to reproduce it. I too am on macos AND latest Chrome on macos w/ apple silicon, but as you can see below I cannot reproduce it either. Louis couldn’t reproduce it in a new document either. Figure out how to reproduce it.

Set the heading to a colour in my case blue after that even if you remove the colour it still happens, if you want it shared let me know.

Yeah share. It only happens when you set the heading color?

For me it was the colour which made it happen, have not yet seen it anywhere else

still cant reproduce :confused:

Seems ok now guess it was fixed :ok_hand: