Export for plain text without indents

Simple request for once here! The Export function is nifty. But it doesn’t do what I need. I keep draft emails in Dynalist. I seek to simply copy it from Dynalist and paste it with no further editing needed to remove bullets or other junk.

Export unfortunately forces indentation. No, thank you!

Request - Add Indentation style: None.


Hello All,

I’m also in favor of this export option. I would also appreciate an .doc export option to Microsoft Word for long term storage. This occurs weekly as I purge old information from Dynalist.

Just to make sure I understand, does “none” mean no bullet point, no indentation, or both?

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None is no indent + no bullet. Thanks.

Roger that! We have added it to our todo list. We’ll update here when it’s implemented.

Thanks again!

@Marc_Freedman @Michael_Potter:

Added to the web app, coming to the desktop app soon.

Could you guys confirm it does what you meant?

Yes, excellent. Thank you!

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