Export + Edit + Import = Mass Replace?



I need to do a mass replace of some text in a large outline. It isn’t practical to do manually. Dynalist’s search-and-replace feature is still a Trello-only proposal. I’m thinking I might accomplish this via export-to-OPML, use a text editor, and import-from-OPML.

If the outline has only Markdown text (i.e. no images), am I going to lose anything, or can I expect export+import to be high fidelity?


Yeah, you can do that, as long as the text you’re trying to replace is not something that can be found in the OPML formatting, such as “opml”, “text”, “color”. It should be easy to tell by looking at the matches.

Also, because you replace, try re-importing the original file first to make sure you don’t have any Unicode characters that would make the OPML file invalid. You can check here: https://www.xmlvalidation.com/


I’d like to know if this way of exporting and importing is capable of mantain bold and italics in the end. In my experience, I loose the bold and italics when making a simple copy + paste from a text editor like MS Word.


Yes they will be maintained because they are markdown.