Export destroys web and file links in document

Steps to reproduce

I created a Dynalist document with my Mac app.
The document had one line. It had a link to the cnn website.
Link worked fine.
Then I EXPORTed the Dynalink document to an html file (Rich Text}.
I opened the exported document and my Chrome browser opened.
My document with the link showed fine.
When I clicked on the link, an error message appeared “File Not Found”.
The Chrome address bar contained “file:///Users/eimbier/Desktop/www.cnn.com”

Expected result

I expected to find the CNN website at http://www.cnn.com.

Actual result

When I clicked on either link, an error message appeared “File Not Found”. The address bar contained “file:///Users/eimbier/Desktop/www.cnn.com”


Which operating system are you using?
Mac OSX 10.14.6
Which browser are you using?
If you’re using a desktop or mobile app, what’s the version number of Dynalist?
Mac 10.5
Are you using any third-party scripts for Dynalist, e.g. PowerPack?

Additional information

Anything else you think would help our investigation, like a screenshot or a log file? You can drag and drop screenshots to this box. For large amount of text, try putting them into something like Pastebin.
So how can I get a link to work on my computer with an exported file.

Additional comments

I now understand why this happened. Disregard this request. I wasn’t allowed to delete it.

In the Help area, I have a related issue regarding opening a rtfd file in an exported Dynalist file.