Expand / collapse shortcut in web-version


Hello! Your app is great and very useful!
I have only one problem with your app it’s about shortcut for expand / collapse items. There is shortcut for “ctrl+.” but it doesn’t work properly by some reason. When I’m using trial pro version I turned off shortcut for help “ctrl+/” and this combination works well for expand / collapse. But now pro trial is over and custom shortcut was disabled. Can you advice what’s the problem with this shortcuts and how to solve it? It’s strange also because combination “ctrl+shift+.” works well for expand all / collapse all.
Thank you in advance!

Browser: Chrome
OS: Ubuntu
Keyboard with standart QWERTY layout


Are you using any IME (input method editor) like those used to write Japanese or Chinese?

I remember that could be an issue for this specific shortcut.


No, I don’t using IME.
Here is system text entry settings.


So it happens no matter if you’re typing English or Russian?


Yes. “Ctrl+Shift+.” works in both languages and “Ctrl+.” doesn’t work in both languages.