Expand/collapse increases font size

I used the expand/collapse function (ctrl+.) and all it did was to zoom in on the entire screen - so everything on the screen is now larger, more or less like increasing the zoom level on a browser and I cannot get if back to normal view. What could the problem be?

Hi Eddie,

Did you use the shortcut while editing an item? And are you using a standard English keyboard?

Hi Erica,

Thanks for the quick response.
I think so, but I cannot recall. Everything on the screen is now larger (text, icons) and I cannot “zoom out” again. I have an English (UK layout) keyboard.

@Eddie_Barendse, are you using Chrome? Possibly you accidentally changed the font size in the browser. Chrome has some shortcuts that change the font size on you:

  • Ctrl and + (or Ctrl and =): increase font size
  • Ctrl and - (or Ctrl and _): decrease font size
  • Ctrl and 0 (zero): Reset font size to 100%

Sorry, I forgot to say that the issue is on the desktop app, the browser (Chrome) app is fine.

Problem solved. Made sure I was signed out (Windows desktop and browser apps), uninstalled the desktop app and reinstalled - and everything back to normal.

I see, it could be that restarting it auto-updated the app, fixing the issue.

Marking it as resolve, and thanks a lot the follow-up reply Eddie!