Expand All short cut does not work in Desktop APP on MacOS

Steps to reproduce

Press β‡§βŒ˜. on a collapsed node inside Desktop App on Mac OS Mojave.

Expected result

Node expands with all children.

Actual result

Nothing happens


MacOS Mojave, Desktop App, Chrome, Dynalist 1.1.16, using German Keyboard Layout in Dynalist settings (although it also does not work with English Keyboard Layout)

Additional information

Trying to reset the short cut pressing β‡§βŒ˜. results in the shortcut β‡§βŒ˜;

Additional comments

I get similar (but not identical) behavior using Expand/Collapse All in the browser. It appears to ignore the Shift key. i.e. Cmd-period expands/collapses the current bullet, and Shift-Cmd-period also expands/collapses the current bullet.

Ctrl-Shift-Period does not expand/collapse all, even if added as a user-defined keystroke. It does expand/collapse any bullets which are partly expanded!

And it also does not work on Windows 10 desktop and Windows 10 with Firefox 68. Expand/Collapse All simply does not work reliably.

Similar issues in Chrome (83) on Windows 7:

  • Ctrl+. does not work at all
  • Ctrl+Shift+. expands the current item, not all items
  • Expand and Expand All in the context menu also expand the current item

Ctrl+Shift+. does not work for me either. Windows 10, Firefox 84.

  • Confirmed on a brand new profile.
  • Tested at https://unixpapa.com/js/testkey.html, don’t know how to interpret the result, but here it is after pressing Ctrl+Shift+. then pressing just the dot alone:
keyup    keyCode=190       which=190       charCode=0        
         shiftKey=true  ctrlKey=true  altKey=false metaKey=false
keydown  keyCode=190       which=190       charCode=0        
         shiftKey=false ctrlKey=false altKey=false metaKey=false
keypress keyCode=46  (.)   which=46  (.)   charCode=46  (.)  
         shiftKey=false ctrlKey=false altKey=false metaKey=false
keyup    keyCode=190       which=190       charCode=0        
         shiftKey=false ctrlKey=false altKey=false metaKey=false

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