Expand All *but only one level deep* trick

I’ve used dynalist daily at least for a year now and just out of the blue realized this.

I know there’s a bunch of requests and comments for Expand All to be a little less crazy and just drill 1 level deep instead of down to bedrock. You can technically already do it, just takes a sequence.

Press Collapse All. Click a list item. Press Ctrl-A 3-times to select the list items without parent. Press Expand (not All, just Expand). There you go, all one level deep.

If you think this is silly or obvious well I have been wishing for a way to do it for a long time without realizing haha. So this is for the commenters in these threads, hope it helps.


Love this topic. But I didn’t see “expand” button after selecting the list items without parent, just “Collapse” and “Collapse all” button.


It’s not in the right click menu, it’s in the settings tab where it shows you all the hotkeys.

It works and it’s amazing! Thank you a lot!