Exact match search?

Hey all,

Is there no way to an do an exact match search? As you can see from this screenshot, searching “forms” also returns the word ‘platform’ which is not an exact match

I found a thread asking this question that’s from early 2018. I’m hoping 3 years on that maybe this is now supported, but I’m doing it wrong?!

I assume not! :frowning:

Regex support would be nice. Especially, since it’s available in Obsidian.

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In most cases I can search for " forms" or " forms " to get what I want, but this doesn’t work if the search phrase begins or ends a line. I too wish that there was a “whole word” or “whole phrase” search option that would only include results that began and ended at word boundaries (spaces or line feeds).

I agree wholeheartedly. Regular expressions are too complicated for most users, but for those who care to learn, they can solve lots of problems, and tools like RegEx Magic can make creating them much easier.

I know it’s the ‘smartass’ answer but Export > Plain Text, paste to text editor with regex support, do your wizardry, paste back into dynalist.