[ex-ticktick user] What is due and when? (calendar/date view)

considering moving from ticktick… so wondering if there’s a way to see lists/items ordered by date or for examples items due today or due tomorrow… or even a calendar view. Maybe it’s an already planned feature or maybe I missed it.

very beautiful UI and app, love it so far, just wonder if I can make it meet my workflow (I’m always behind deadlines)

Hi @Dany,

There are a bunch of date search operators that you can use and combine. Here’s the reference: Search operators reference - Dynalist Help Center

For you specific queries:

lists/items ordered by date

Type has:date in search bar, choose “Flat search” option (or Shift+Enter inside the search bar), and then choose “Date (old to new)” in the sorting option dropdown. You can bookmark this search for future uses by clicking on the star.

items due today or due tomorrow

Today: within:today; tomorrow: within:1d.

You can see the reference by clicking on this link in the app too:


Thanks but not really what I was looking for.
Don’t want to do a search, I need something in the UI that instantly tells me what is due today, tomorrow, next week and so on.
Otherwise Dynalist would be useless for me.
Thanks anyway!

I see. Without a search Dynalist won’t tell you that, sorry about that.

Have you tried the powerpack for finalist. It has an agenda view.