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Would it be possible to sync Dynalist documents to Evernote automatically (similar to what Cloud Outliner does)? I love working in And creating new documents and lists in Dynalist but I tend to store reference and non-text files in Evernote (as it supports PDF preview within notes and I can mark up PDFs within the app, and it does a very good job extracting articles from the web, saving emails, etc). That said, Evernote does not support outlining in any meaningful sense (it offers bullet points), so it’s quite awful for brainstorming or working through a long outline or a text document, and that’s where Dynalist shines in my view. While I don’t like using 2 tools to store data, I’m finding myself not being able to fully commit to one tool or the other. I would love to be able to do my work in Dynalist but know that I can always have it saved for reference in Evernote.

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By the way, I’m aware that I can export individual items and documents as HTML files and drop them into Evernote, but then if I make further changes in Dynalist, I have to go through the manual process again, or if I make any changes in Evernote and then decide to use Dynalist to continue working with the file, I have to manually add updates.

So… you want to be able to find Dynalist outlines inside Evernote?

Importing from Evernote is near impossible because of the incompatibility. I mean we could just dump whatever we find in Evernote in Dynalist, but that won’t make much sense.

Yes, being being able to find outlines in Evernote would be amazing. As far as importing things from Evernote, I would only want to be able to sync updates to the Dynalist outlines that were previously imported into Evernote (if there are any changes made to them within Evernote). I agree with you that importing everything from Evernote wouldn’t make sense.

I was thinking this could more elegantly addressed by hooking up Evernote with Dynalist through something like IFTTT. I looked through the available actions and triggers (https://ifttt.com/evernote), and it looks like you can only create or append to a note, rather than constantly updating it.

It such an action exists (constantly updating an existing note), you can try pulling from the API every half a day or so and updating that in Evernote, when our API is in place.

Thank you for your suggestion Erica, but I’m not sure how useful that would be, since the outline structure would not be preserved for any new changes saved to Evernote. Evernote is already awful with outlining, adding outlines to it that are out of order would not help it :slight_smile:

I thought you wanted to convert Dynalist lists into plain bullet lists and store them in Evernote? That was what I was suggesting.

It requires working with API, some data processing, and making use of Evernote’s API though.

Sorry, misunderstood what you were saying. Yes, that makes sense.

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Evernote integration - once you have your API up and running, someone might develop this for you in the community.

One more reason for API.

Too many reasons already actually, it’s one of the next things for us :slight_smile:


Since you are asking what Rodion_Y would like to see in an Evernote integration…I’d like to insert my own request that I could search for evernote notes from within Dynalist, then have the internal note link inserted in the Dynalist item.

For example, I keep notes about projects in Evernote, but want to manage my todo list in Dynalist. I’d love to be able to perform a title search of evernote notes without leaving Dynalist, then select the evernote I’m looking for, and have a link to the note inserted into my outline.


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I want to use API too. Is there API already ?