Evernote Integration?

Is there any plan on this? I know we spoked on Evernote Links integration, but I am wondering if it is possible to actually integrate Dynalist Documents inside Evernote?

I personally uses Evernote as a binder folder/ organiser because its searching capability is very good.

I am wondering if it would be a good idea if we can sort of embed a Dynalist doc inside Evernote? I feel like you can win some Evernote users this way too because Evernote has shitty editor and there’s no outliner integration out there yet.

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From a technical perspective, being able to embed things in Evernote depends on them, not us, as we do not have control over their software.

Someone has figured out how to embed an iframe (basically a webpage) into Evernote (link). His example is with Google Doc, but replace the URL with your Dynalist URL and you’ll be all set.

I don’t know how Evernote handles this, but you might need to log into Evernote again in the iframe, since it might not share the same session with the browser.

From a product perspective, I don’t want people to use Dynalist like this, since we want to be the one place for you to keep notes. What you end up doing is totally up to you though; the possibility is out there.

Do you mind sharing Evernote’s search capability is so good? I’ve used it before, but that was many years ago. Is it because it can search images as well? Or because it’s fast?

I think the value of Evernote searches is that it is comprehensive - anything (files, images, text, tags) can be searched and it’s fast and accurate. A second concern for EN users like me is that I have nearly 7 years of history there.

:worried: Because I am so invested in Evernote, moving to Dynalist makes me a bit nervous.

Maybe we can figure out a way to gracefully import Evernotes into Dynalist a little at a time.

The questions I have …

  1. How well does DL documents hold the data from EN and how easy it is searchable.
  2. What happens to attachments on the import?
  3. What can we expect from DL in terms of search (performance, text only?)

@Michael_Potter what’s the idea with leaving Evernote in favor of Dynalist? Why not Evernote and Dynalist?

When I think about Dynalist, I think about me capturing my knowledge, my things. Examples: I read how to do XYZ and I make a note of it; I have a project and outline it’s steps; I have a checklist and enter it.

When I think about Evernote, I think about capturing. E.g.: scan a document and keep it; clip a web page.

I don’t see myself capturing web pages or PDF files in Dynalist. And although I make some manual notes in Evernote (I have a running log/journal of 10 years :wink: ), I don’t use it the manual way I use Dynalist.

And – what kind of integration are you looking for. Evernote as a central dashboard? If so, there are some (manual) workarounds we could come up with right away, I think.


One of the things that sets Evernote (search) apart is the two pane view. One pane, sorted how you want, shows the notes that contain the phrase(s) you’re looking for. The other pane contains the content once you click on a note. That enables them to make the search results “static”.

And compared to Dynalist’s bullet-level search, a search in Evernote goes "deeper’.

If you have a note in evernote that says:

* I have coffee
  * with milk

Then a search for coffee milk will bring up that note. In Dynalist those 2 bullets would be individual elements: a coffee milk search would never bring up the parent bullet [sidebar]which is a type of search I would love in DL: look for terms in the parent & sibling bullets[/sidebar]

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Hello Ruud,

If Dynalist had some intention or plan to be a “one stop shop” productivity, storage and imaging solution, I’d rather invest my monies there. I know that it’s really too early to see.

I’ll keep Evernote with the hope that Dynalist grows and matures. It’s a Someday Maybe list!

I would be happy with Dynalist linking public or private Evernote urls just like it can do with Dropbox. This would be achievable in the short term.

If I were so sophisticated about x y z, then I would use emacs / org-mode, learn elisp and write these functionalities myself.

That is pretty much the ultimately customizable x y z. Without GUI. I am pretty sure that this feature can be implemented in emacs in few hours with the help of the emacs IRC channel.

Then you can use orgzly.

Actually, making a PR here might be the best way to do this, few days of work, top : https://github.com/orgzly/orgzly-android/blob/master/app/src/main/java/com/orgzly/android/query/user/DottedQueryParser.kt

dead simple code.

Help from community there - I assume - is plenty.

But … I am too lazy … and … my hobby is stg else … but ! Related :slight_smile: