Error syncing occuring frequently since yesterday

I’ve noticed yesterday and today that occasionally I’m getting the red Can't sync when Dynalist attempts to save. It usually goes away after I Ctrl-s, but it’s been happening pretty often.

Windows 10, Chrome v89.0.4389.114.

The issues are getting worse, and it’s showing the infinity loading bar for a long time. I also just got a Cloudflare “can’t reach dynalist” page.

Have not experienced. This probably means either Cloudflare is having problems or you internet is bad lately.

Can you switch to the desktop app? It has better offline functions for when internet connection fails. Have you speed tested your internet? I personally have not seen any issues, but I am on gigabit fiber with <1ms ping to cloudflare in downtown San Francisco so I am not the best test.

The Cloudflare error I saw was that Cloudflare couldn’t connect to, which would imply the issue is not on my end (could be on Cloudflare’s end, but more likely it’s Dynalist). It could be unrelated to the general syncing issues I’ve been experiencing, which maybe is related to my underlying connection. I have gigabit fiber as well, but bay area AT&T fiber has been known to have weird shit happen sometimes, e.g. the bit flipping incident of December 2020

The syncing problem hasn’t been happening as frequently for me in the afternoon, so hopefully things are back to normal. Glad to hear this doesn’t seem to be a sitewide issue. I’ve left the dev tools network tab open just in case it happens again.

We’re seeing some occasional spikes in activity that’s locking up the server for a few seconds at a time - I’m still investigating the issue but so far I’m not finding any patterns yet.

So far it doesn’t seem to affect general usability apart from the occasional errors. I’m still keeping an eye on things though.