Entire note should not appear in search results

It would be more helpful if the entire note contents of a bullet item did NOT appear in search results. It would be fine if the first line of the note appeared, but having the entire note text crowds the search results. Or at least give us an option in Preferences we can shut it off. Thanks.

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Do you mean in Search Everywhere results?

For local, within-document searches, you can use the hide/1st line note option to hide them.

Wow that was fast, Erica. Yes, Search Everywhere… I use it a lot, so the results page is already quite full. It gets overcrowded and cumbersome with all not content displaying.

Got it, Search Everywhere should obey the visibility you set for checked items/note, so that’s our bad.

We’ll eventually change checked item/note visibility to a per-document setting, and Search Everywhere will have its own setting too. For the time-being, we’ll use one setting for everywhere and Search Everywhere should behave consistently too. Will fix!

Maybe move this to bug instead?

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Thanks, Erica. No hurry, just wanted to request at least an option to have less note info. If it’s a bug feel free to move it…

Thanks and keep up the great work!

Moved, thanks :slight_smile:

I hope there’s some movement on this. I curse not being able to exclude notes from search every day. People around me are upset with my cursing. :tired_face:

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Will get it done as soon as we can!

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Hi @Kevin_Murray, sorry for digging up this! Is there a dedicated feature request post for your “exclude note” request? We’d rather not see you cursing, if possible :X

I don’t think so. It seemed a minor change that would make a big difference. Should I post one?

Yes, you should make one, since I believe the current behavior is intended. Thanks in advance!