Enter 'now'

As a logging feature, I’d like to be able to put the current date/time. The closest is I type ! and enter, to get the current date, but the time is not included. I could mouse-over to the time field, find a clock somewhere and type the current time, but this is slow.

I think it’s a missing feature.

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It might not need to involve the date picker at all.

We can have a keyboard shortcut that acts like F5 in Notepad. It inputs the current time for you. In Dynalist format, of course.


Maybe there is any update on this? Having either a shortcut for this or a command such as /time in Roam would be a very useful feature. Thanks for your work!

Macros would be cool! Even if it’s only predefined ones, it’s easier to code than making new keyboard shortcuts for everything and mouse commands and then buttons for mobile.

Forget “Now”. Focus on Macros in Dynalist istead!