Enter doesn't always create a new item

Steps to reproduce

Trying to create a new item using either the “Insert New Line” toolbar button, or the Enter key on the Android soft keyboard, usually results in a note line below the item I already have selected, rather than a new item below.

If the existing item ends with a date, a new item is created below, as expected. This may be a red herring, however.


Only experienced with Android app, version 1.4.5 on Android 8.1.0.

Neither the Windows 10 app, or the in-browser list, have this problem.

Hmm this is the second report I hear from Android. I have a good idea why it’s happening, but I still haven’t found the source of the issue (i.e. what leads to this happening).

Does restarting (kill and restart) the app fix the issue? Do you have an idea what you did to cause the app to start doing this?

Either restarting the app, restarting the phone or removing the app & reinstalling it makes no difference to this issue.

It’s hard to tell how long the issue has been present, as it seems I can always add a new item after a highlighted entry that ends with white-space.
As I use dates a lot, which automatically come with a space afterwards, the issue isn’t obvious day-to-day.

In the meantime I can just add a space to any item to permit new items in all cases.

I can confirm this bug

Also happened on my Android

Oh interesting, so it always happens no matter what. Does the same happen on the web app inside a browser, say Chrome?

Yes the same thing happens using Chrome on Android

I have the same issue on Android sometimes. A refresh solves it.

I alternate between using Dynalist on my phone (Android OS 10) and laptop (Chrome OS 83.0.4…).

On my laptop, the Enter key always makes a new item (note, I don’t use the dates feature).

On my phone, the Enter key only starts a new line but doesn’t start a New (bulleted) Item…My workaround is to add a space, then press Enter key to start a New Item.

I just noticed this issue within the past few days…

Just to update everyone, there’s another thread tracking this issue. Seems to be a new issue caused by GBoard.