End-to-end encryption

Is e2ee being considered? It is the main thing that keeps me from using Dynalist more seriously.


yea theres been a few threads, just search for “encryption”. theres another one about offline mode as well. they are both on trello if you want to vote them up

im in the same boat. ive actually put a fair bit into dynalist at this point but im hesitating to use it for more atm because its probably only a matter of time before something bad happens

Thank you, I’ll upvote.

I switched almost completely to tools with real e2e encryption, including email.

Dynalist is the last front^^

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protonmail? i started using that about 2 years ago now. its pretty decent. signal is the only other e2e thing im using i think. it would be good to have more though!

This is what I am using (constantly exploring though):

  • www.tutanota.com for email (similar to protonmail, also open source)
  • www.tresorit.com for cloud storage
  • signal as messanger
  • www.crypt.ee (Evernote-ish, really beautiful, too, and open source)
  • www.stackfield.de (kind of an E2EE Asana. stopped using it because it is expensive for just 1 person, but I like it).

Besides that:
Brave browser