Embedded/inline calculator

Hello to all,
I use Dynalist for my meeting minutes, my notes and very often I have I come up with numbers and need to perform a calculation. In such case I open a calculator on the PC, my smartphone or in some occasion my old HP48.

It would be very practical to be able to do such calculation on-the-fly within Dynalist.
This could be using a specific mark-up and the result printed when the line is displayed showing the formula with a concatenated ’ = Result’.

Any interest in such feature? Any comment about the spec and use-cases?


It’d be nice to see some examples of these calculation, doesn’t have to be real examples.

There are many types of calculation, and I just wanna see how complicated these are. For instance, is +, -, *, / enough? Or does it often involve exponents and square roots?

Hey check this out: Phrase Express - Calculator

I vote for this feature, embedded calculator is something I really like in OneNote. For me, basic calculation applies: + - / * and parhentesis. I don’t think it would make Dynalist bloated as it would be an hidden feature. This feature alone doesn’t justify the injection of yet-another-tool like Phrase Express.

Would love this feature to be native, rather than purchasing an add-on application.

I don’t see a point in this. How many note taking tools or text-editor tools do you know that offer inline calculator?

As far as I know, not even MS Word offers this… These are not finance products, IMHO…

Yeah, I vote against this idea. If the feature existed its always going to be a terrible calculator compared to google sheets, wolfram alpha, etc. Use the right tools rather than using a screwdriver as a hammer so to speak. I can imagine so many issues popping up if this feature existed. if its just a little calculation, use the address bar in chrome even

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