Embed Dynalist in a website

Is there a way to embed a Dynalist checklist into an html web page? This would be very useful for my virtual assistant students. I tried the OPML version but that doesn’t work.

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shared list?

But just sharing the checklist won’t embed it in a web page.

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You could use an iframe.

Thanks @Louis_Kirsch. That has some potential if I set the sizes. Was in a tiny window at first which wasn’t useful but I notice the size parameters can be set in iframe.

Yes like @Louis_Kirsch said you can use an iframe. The header bar will be hidden as well for a cleaner look.

hi - did you implement, would love to see a screenshot for inspiration. Would you make the checklist unique to the va student? I’m looking to see if i can have the check list completed and once completed and saved, have them print it then hopefully clear the results when they move onto the next record.

I did get it working at one point, but eventually went with another solution. I don’t know of way to make the checklist unique to each student, rather I am asking them to copy the checklist for their own use.

Really? I’m embedding dynalist in an iframe within an obsidian note- it’s lot letting me log in in that iframe, so it keeps rinse-repeating the login and not logging in.

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