Email to Inbox

Great new feature!

It allows me now to process emails from my mobile device, or was there any other way?

What I am missing is a link back to the original email, in my case in Gmail… How do I handle those emails I sent to my Inbox in Gmail, if I want to respond say tomorrow? To star them…? After sending the email is moved to the All Emails folder and I only have my task tomorrow in Dynalist.

Everyone’s workflow is different, so I’m afraid you’ll have to improvise here. Not all email client provides “links to emails” so clearly we can’t do it for everyone. We do not have this information either.

So what you might be able to do is to forward the email to Dynalist, and put the link as the body of the forwarded email, that way it will include both the original email content and the link.

Good idea. When I copy the url into the first line of the message I can see the link in the notes of the item in Dynalist and can click it. This works all when I am working in the browser. Is it another option for the future to clip the email text with the web clipper, too?

On the mobile device it works not, because in the Gmail app I can not see the url. I am looking always to have the same workflow on all devices.

Not sure what you mean by that, you can clip the URL or any text selection on the page with the clipper right now.

Unfortunately we can’t help with that. As I mentioned above, our servers receive the email you send, and we do not have the access to the URL to your email thread in your email client.

With Zapier it works. As an example when I starr a Gmail, automatically sends it afterwords to Dynalist. When the first line is the message url I can see it in Dynalist and the link is cllickabel.

Wow!! In my daily digital newspaper I can read an article rendered as text note. Then I can send it to Dynalist. So all kind of information I can now process very easy in this workflow, comings events, interesting articles and so on…