Email a note to dynalist using the subject works but adding notes in the body doesnt work

any idea?

What do you mean by “Email a note to Dynalist”?

So far nobody seems to have that working via IFTTT. See: Add to Inbox via IFTTT

It’s because Gmail subject in ifttt is a string, which plays nicely with dynalist API json rest command. Gmail body is a bad boy. Something funky about it. Can’t be accepted by API as a note. Can’t be accepted as item either. It’s not a nice string. Ifttt is the culprit? Gmail is the culprit? One of the two. Dynalist API only accepts nice string as note.

It works ok through Zapier if you need an alternative.

This works:

An IFTTT recipe works this way:

“token”: “TOKEN”,

Use the <<<*>>> brackets to escape the text content. IFTTT probably is grabbing some encoding or html in the email that is causing the failure. I just set this up for a handful of emails with success.


Keith saves the day. And BigChungus saves this escape trick to his tool bag.

Thanks for the tip. Keith. It worked.
It should be noted that the iffttt has info that doesnt work… it should be 3 instead of two arrows as Keith has in his post… Sigh. Thanks again Keith.