Edit: not true (Omgolly searches update live now!)

Edit: no no no sorry the below isn’t true - all that happens is when an item is in a search, ANY child you add to that will appear in your search, whether it matches your search or not - sorry for the false alarm

The only salvageable thing from this is if you use a search for the children of a particular list as I do, and you do want to see every child in that list (like for me with my focus lists and the events of the current day) then the current behaviour can be used to only see the lists you want (and expanded) even if they are not siblings, and any new items you add to e.g. the focus list will update on the search live

Original post:
Am I the only one who missed that when you’re in a search (e.g. color:red) and send an item from e.g. your phone that matches the search, the search now updates live, without having to exit, or even reclick the search, like we used to? This is a massive gamechanger! Operating from a search is now a viable way to manage daily tasks etc …

Also playing around with this, using the parent:#today OR #today search can be really powerful combined with this - I am currently using that to show my focus items in my two focus lists, my routines and the current day from my calendar - nice and focused

Generally though, this is an awesome awesome change, thanks!! Will have to rethink how I dynalist … dates are way more useful now

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Yeah, when you’re already in the search, we always show the new items, otherwise it’ll unusable as you can’t even see what you add when they don’t match the search query.