Dynalist widget

I’m surprised this hasn’t been requested before, but my searches have not revealed anything similar.

Speaking of Android, it would be an exponential increase in usefulness to have a widget that could be set to a particular bookmark in Dynalist, such as “today”. This could be used as a todo list, and provide a replacement to Todoist, Evernote or Google Keep.

The workaround today is to use Calendar Notify, as outlined by @Stephen_Dewitt, but that method is limited to dated items and can’t be edited.

An alternative is to find a widget that displays a website. I’ve tried Meta Widget, but I can’t get it to work with Dynalist.


I think it’s been mentioned here and there as I remember saying to someone that I imagined this being quite far down the line … I don’t know if there’s something about an outliner that makes it not lend itself to a widget like, say, todoist. I can see that infinite nesting could be tricky to implement without basically hosting the whole app in a widget and without this, would a single level list be that useful? I would be very intrigued to hear any of the team’s views on this

well… Dynalist has worked veeery hard to make smartphone apps, android and iOS, and just recently “finished” them.
so…In my humble opinion, expecting a widget is futuristic at this stage. the mobile apps need to be debugged and working properly first

Yes, it may be expecting too much of developers right now, but given the extent of the Trello road map, it may be worth having on the horizon.

In the meantime, there may be ways of working with the existing Android system to make Dynalist more accessible (as well as having it on a dedicated second phone :wink:), such as adding a shortcut to the website on the home screen.

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The only way to create DL widget would be to recreate DL functionality in native application (currently it’s web app, even desktop/mobile app are simply web app + simplified browser in one package). And it requires also server API. Most likely it will be possible to get list of items from selected document, but don’t expect too much flexibility with that.

I tried saving a Dynalist webpage on Chrome to the home screen in Android, but the resulting shortcut triggers the app and doesn’t retain the item address. I’ll keep looking around for what’s possible.

Second phone only way to go :slight_smile:

evernote phone app has something like this to default to different notebooks when you want to add a note using its widgets

dynalist would be nice to have this too

basically, a way to quickly add a note from a widget and specify its end location like in evernote (potentially without even having to open up dynalist on mobile app)

This sounds more like quick add to me Vincent (a button, not a widget). I would be interested to hear an outline of a dynalist widget from someone which was useful but didn’t require nesting of items (i.e. Hosting the whole app in a widget) - I’m not convinced right now it would be as great as it first intuitively appears but would be very happy to be wrong :slight_smile:


I think @Erica and the team are working on a Send To function, which will help this.

The most tangible option for the time being is a widget which displays a predetermined website. I haven’t got Dynalist to work with that as yet. The closest I’ve got is a widget of bookmarks, which features the relevant item in Dynalist.


Well evernote is a tad different here, in that an individual note is like a whole document, whereas dynalist is a singular node.

Evernote links context with notebooks + tags, dynalist does this + parent/child hierarchy additionally

A quick-add button / widget would make it really useful for quickly dumping an idea without having to worry where it fits in as a whole in your documents.

Like a random TODO, an idea you came up with on the spot, etc

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I second this; would love to have a widget that can be set up to display children of a given preset node. With checklist functionality. Either all children recursively, or “flattened”.

I used to use gTasks google Tasks app from PlayStore, recently switched to DynaList and am super happy, the thing I’m missing is said widget.


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I know this is old, but I’d like a widget as well that’s customizable (text, background color w/ transparent option) and also interactive (could mark out todo items directly on the widget and have it sync with your dynalist). I currently am using Any.Do with a Minimalist Widget that has a transparent background and really like it since it’s so visible and easy to view. I don’t have to open an app or anything. I think ToDo lists/action items should be as easily accessible as possible.

And I third this since Michal seconded it :slight_smile:

Would be great to have this. Doesn’t matter where it goes (I’ve set up the Evernote widget so that the quick note always stores in a notebook called ‘Backlog’. I then go back over Backlog later and organise it.)

With regards to widget’s proposed functionality, it would be sufficient to have displayed a (flattened, or indented) list of children of a chosen (configurable per widget instance) parent node, with a clickable check mark and (optional, or default) filtering out of checked items.

Widget’s purpose would be only to present a specific checklist “at a glance”, with a possibility to act on it’s execution.

Anything more complex, I’d expect user to run the full app. However in the case of simple checklists to be executed on the fly (say a shopping list), the full app is less desirable (introduces feature overload, and often taking user into unwanted actions (eg. zooming to a node, entering edit mode, opening software keyboard (that obscures half of the screen and introduces confusion) - all because of slightly miss-tapped check mark.

Anyhow, another option will be a third-party app/widget, as soon as the server API arrives. Whichever comes first :wink:

Many thanks

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Hi. If there is one feature that keeps taking me back to Google Keep it’s the widget and having a particular note pinned and right there on my home screen. I moved to Workflowy to have outlining and just put up with it for a while but ended up using Google Keep again as it’s so easy to refer to the ‘today’ list (or whatever).


I’ve just found Dynalist and the lack of widget is the one thing that’s stopping me from diving all in. The simple third party widget for Wordflowy is all that I need. It can show one category and allows me to set up a todo list.

I’ve never got on with any app that offers some sort of todo or reminder functionality but has no widget at all. I just forget to check.

I know that Dynalist has so much more to offer but it’s a massive hurdle for me to cross, so I just might never get that far…

It’s also a potential revenue stream from free users. Granted it might not be much but I’d pay a few £s for an app even if I don’t pay for the full pro version. I’m sure it would cover the cost of getting someone to pull it together.

Actually, with a pro app with dynalist pro features unlocked just for mobile for free users could work.

In some countries like in mine (India) not all debit cards can transact with PayPals or other international pay systems and such and not everybody has a credit card. On the other hand Google Play Store is quite accessible.

Any sort of ability to make links or even views/edits from a widget would be much appreciated

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