Dynalist video on "Keep Productive"


For what it’s worth: Francesco d’Alessio of the “Keep Productive” channel on YouTube just had me on his show to talk about Dynalist:

This is partly an introduction to Dynalist, partly an overview of how I use it.


…and very good it was too :+1:


Awesome! I always love to see how other people use Dynalist and I got some inspiration for my setup too. :+1:


The recipe for sending starred emails to Dynalist looked interesting. That could help with workflow.


Woo! Didn’t know you’re on the forum :smiley:

Thanks for sharing your workflow Herb!


@Herb_Caudill Thanks for your video. I like your CSS, especially the coloured tags and the highlighting line on the left of the active line. How did you realized that?


Custom CSS is available with Dynalist Pro. Alternatively, you could use a browser extension like Stylish to customize the CSS on any website.

The CSS I use is here: https://gist.github.com/HerbCaudill/1227cfa11acb98b5fcf611850c078a6c


I love the idea of creating a gist for your custom Dynalist CSS. Thanks for sharing it!