Dynalist video on "Keep Productive"

For what it’s worth: Francesco d’Alessio of the “Keep Productive” channel on YouTube just had me on his show to talk about Dynalist:

This is partly an introduction to Dynalist, partly an overview of how I use it.


…and very good it was too :+1:

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Awesome! I always love to see how other people use Dynalist and I got some inspiration for my setup too. :+1:

The recipe for sending starred emails to Dynalist looked interesting. That could help with workflow.

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Woo! Didn’t know you’re on the forum :smiley:

Thanks for sharing your workflow Herb!

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@Herb_Caudill Thanks for your video. I like your CSS, especially the coloured tags and the highlighting line on the left of the active line. How did you realized that?

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Custom CSS is available with Dynalist Pro. Alternatively, you could use a browser extension like Stylish to customize the CSS on any website.

The CSS I use is here: https://gist.github.com/HerbCaudill/1227cfa11acb98b5fcf611850c078a6c


I love the idea of creating a gist for your custom Dynalist CSS. Thanks for sharing it!