Dynalist Tab Color Issue: Doesn't Adopt to Browser Theme When Installed as App

Hi people, I installed Dynalist as an app and used the web version on my desktop. I don’t know why but the tab color doesn’t adopt my browser theme setting. It is quite distracting while using Dynalist. Is it possible to change the tab colour from blue to browser default.


I am quite confused. You are not showing tabs, you don’t mention what type of browser you are using. Are you complaining about the desktop app title bar color? When I run in Chrome, an active tab is white and an inactive tab is blue, and the dynalist tab is the same.

I am sorry for not sharing enough details. I tested both Chrome and Edge browser. Here is the steps to replicate the issue.

Open Chrome.
Navigate to dynalist.io to add as an app.
At the top right, click one three dots in chrome.
Click More Tools.
Click Create shortcut.
Enter a name for the shortcut and click Create.
Now the dynalist should launch in a separate tab like an app.

As shown in the screenshot in my post. The tab color at the top will be blue. It doesn’t matter wheather it is active or inactive. The tab color doesn’t adopt to the browser theme. So I was wondering if it is possible to edit that color?

I hope I explained clearly. Thank you for your response.

That sounds like a Chrome issue outside of dynalist’s purview.