Dynalist placeholders

It’s wonderful how easy it is now to quickly send information and links to the Inbox. But as a consequence, there is the challenge of working through the Inbox pile and moving items to their appropriate place. When I place a term in the move dialogue, I often get a bewildering number of potential destinations. all featuring the same word.

I’ve developed a workaround by nominating key items as “placeholders” which function as default locations for relevant information in that area. I do this by prefixing the “=” symbol to the item. Then I type a “=” into the move dialogue to bring up the available placeholders.

For me, placeholders are a subsidiary of bookmarks and documents. They are useful primarily for storing information, but I do also have “= Today” and “= Tomorrow” placeholders for quickly categorising actions for my workbench.


That’s a clever solution. I like it.

Ya I do similar. I make sure there’s a unique format to the key phrases I move things to. Move search is a wild animal otherwise. It’s absolutely nuts sometimes, I don’t know any other search that works the way it does. It’s like a character by character regex function is running behind the scenes. If you type bus the top result might be [b]ees are really cool and i love them and [u] should too [s]illy then the second result is ‘stuff to do on the bus ride home’ and I’m like come on lol


Good idea. I do something similar with frequently used areas in my document. I use multiple characters so that they are also more visible in searches, for example:



and so on