Dynalist on Keep Productive channel!


Good Job @Kenneth_Aar, thank you for this walkthrough.

One of the things Dynalist is really helping me with is doing away with post-its [and making a dent in ditching 3x5 cards, but I have a ways to go yet ;^]. I know it may sound silly and/or antiquated (I’d like to think its my latent and unwitting Zettelkasten tendencies ;^), but I’ve been hostage to them for a long time …and it can tend toward, well lets say… maddening ! But I gotta say, I’m a deadly shooter with them after all these years [sic]. I only mention it so someone else potentially in the same hole might get a little a-ha out of it.

Second comment…
Obviously I have a lot to learn about understanding and leveraging some proper GTD skills. I’m a bit phobic about using my handheld with Dynalist (long story …I’m a bit of an old school character). I hope to see a decent walk through regarding hands-on cellphone usage sometime.

Thanks again.

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I am gathering ideas and topics for videos abot Dynalist. But it’s still on my Someday/Maybe list.

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