Dynalist on a Chromebook

I’ve moved from Windows to Chrome OS. As all of my desk usage of Dynalist was in Chrome, the experience of using it on a Chromebook is almost identical.

One problem is the Keyboard Shortcut for moving items. In Windows, this can be Shift+Alt+Up or Down.

But in ChomeOS, this doesn’t work. The identical key combination has to be re-entered, which becomes:

Slightly annoying is the inability of ALT+Click to delete tags. There doesn’t yet seem to be a way of customising this shortcut in Chrome OS (it opens the context menu), nor is there capacity to change it to something like CTRL+Click in Dynalist.

I do miss PhraseExpress, which does enable some very specific customisations of Dynalist, such as populating the search box with specific tags.

I’m interested to hear of anyone else’s experience of Dynalist on Chrome OS.

I’ll be getting a chromebook (Pixelbook!) within the next week or so, so I’ll ping back when I have something to share. However I think it’s quite likely I’ll eventually install the Linux version of Dynalist on it, rather than using the pure web client.

As an update, I’ve found that the combination CTRL-SHIFT for moving items around Dynalist seems the most stable between platforms.