Dynalist multiline code - java/kotlin

I am trying to use multiline code in dynalist:
The outcome of using many spaces:

The outcome in edit mote:

When i press “enter” inside edit:
outcome (this is not code anymore, edit forced the line to break into two):

edit mode:

When i press “enter” the line goes into next line - i wanted to created some space in the code. I had to create it using “space”. How to deal with it?

Additionaily i can not make “space” near “public void rysuj ();” line.

You have to paste it into a note. That’s the only place it works properly, unfortunately. If you try to paste it into an item, the new lines and such will parse apart. There’s a few threads of other folks complaining about the same thing you are, it’s just how it’s always been though.

Use Ctrl+Shift+Enter instead of Enter.

Didn’t work. What OS are you doing it on?

I tried it on Windows.

“You have to paste it into a note”
I dont understand it.
I thought note is defined as second dot as I posted in my example.
Can you show me excatly what do you mean ?

Press Shift+Enter from the bullet to enter the note area. It looks like this


Appearances may vary due to custom styling.

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I mean inserting line breaks, which is not the same as adding new items. Find out how it’s done on your OS/browser. It works on my browser on Win 10.

You can manually type line breaks into a Dynalist item, but try selecting it all after, then cut and paste it. It will break itself up into multiple items again. So, it’s not a perfect solution for saving blocks of code. But, the note field doesn’t break up new lines.

The new line in item hotkey is in Pro settings

Maybe only “paste as text” works in your app? I used normal paste, it distinguishes line breaks inside the app from Dynalist’s items (inserting line breaks from other programs is a little more complicated).

Are you saying you pasted a multi-line piece of text into a dynalist item without it splitting up? Because you’d be the first person ever - this has been a common conversation across a lot of threads over the years. Dynalist is designed to split newlines on pastes. It would mean dynalists javascript is broken on your machine, which we’ve never seen thus far.

There is one workaround, if someone really wants to paste in the item field rather than the note field. You can use a macro to convert your paste to OPML, which is the one format the dynalist parser ignores newlines in.

No I didn’t, and I have the same situation, of course. But I meant only the usual cut, copy or paste from Dynalist to Dynalist, as well as moving, I thought you were talking about only these features, which save exactly the same line breaks, right? @Thanks_Mate was only interested in the ability to write multiline code inside an item, not pasting from elsewhere. To do this, I suggest simply adding line breaks using keyboard shortcut, as in other situations that do not include code. By the way, I am able to write line breaks in mobile version :iphone: