Dynalist is very slow


since a few months, my Dynalist is very slow whatever I use Apple apps, Chrome or Firefox .
Can you help me to know which poses a problem, cause I don’t understand what’s wrong ?


I don’t have a problem with DynaList speed. Apple apps, Chrome and Edge have all been fine in my use. Maybe there’s another detail that causes the issue?

Switch to a smaller document and re-do the test. My bet is it’ll be lightning fast again.

The reason is that dynalist’s performance comes from loading the entire document into RAM, and once it renders every item into a class controlled by CSS and javascript, the CPU usage increases. So, you likely are exceeding what your phone and computers CPU and RAM capabilities are.

The solution is to split your document into 2 or 3 smaller documents.


You’re right, my document is really long so I split them like you say.
It’s always a bit slow but less than before :+1:.

Thanks for your help

One hint: The more collapsed items you have, the better in terms of responsiveness and performance, even with long documents.
As far as I know, the CPU/RAM usage increases as you’re expanding items or when it’s always fully expanded.


Maybe that’s why I never have troubles. I always like things collapsed.

I have Samsung Galaxy S9 and Dynalist is really slow on it. I loaded up the same document on an S10 and it was way fast. So I guess updating the device to a recent one also works well. I haven’t run this test on my laptop though.