Dynalist is slow right now, we're looking into it


…additionally, when attempting to close Dynalist browser tab, got the messagebox “Do you want to leave this site? CHanges you made might not be saved”


I don’t have this issue. I double check now at seems ok for me. I also just did big changes and still sync was ok. After refresh page changes are saved.
One remark -> I dont use mobile or desktop app.


That was my first thought. Second was about this catastrophic flooding in USA, which means no power for some locations, but there are no reports about problems with AWS in recent hours. Will see, but that’s really weird.

Everything is working for me too, btw.


…yeah, so I’ve lost half a day worth of changes after reopening the browser tab. but seems to be syncing/saving OK now, after reopening the tab.

made backups in few formats before refreshing, hope it will restore tomorrow OK. no time to check today

all the best


Try restarting?


We’re (proudly) not on AWS :slight_smile:


Ooo that’s something new I believe :slight_smile: What You are using right now?
The info from Your website says it’s on AWS :slight_smile:

aa ok only files are saved there. OK :slight_smile:


Yes, exactly.

We run our own servers on DigitalOcean and we believe they’re more customizable that way :slight_smile:


The post-mortem that was promised: 2017/08/27 Dynalist outage post-mortem